Monday, August 18, 2008

Goong (aka Princess Hours / Palace)

I have conquered another drama marathon. Here I am, fully exhausted, sleep deprived, dark circle rim eyed as I compose this entry. But it was well worth staying up into the wee hours of the night watching Goong.

The first episode didn't impress me at all. I was fearful that I had wasted my money buying this DVD box set. The female protaganist was dorky and very annoying. I tbought, "how in the world is she supposed to be likeable?" I had been reading the manhwa and Chae Kyung is nothing like the one I see here on screen. Thankfully, as I starting watching episode 2, it picked up considerably and it was all down hill from there.

What I always enjoy most about watching adaptations of comics is the interpretation, what's changed, what remains the same? Most Japanese dramas (which is what I usually watch) tend to modify the story slightly to make it more fitting for live-action. The writing/editing is usually good, filtering out unnecessary filler from the comic version. This is the first Korean drama I have ever watched and according to the critics, is unprecedented in terms of production (set design, shooting locales, costume design etc.) in K-dramas. I was rather impressed with the acting given the main cast were new to the K-drama scene. I found the story flowed well though it did drag a bit as we approached the last few episodes. (Note: the series was originally slated for 20 episodes but due to popularity, they dragged it out to 24 episodes). It was a great adaptation and I am curious to see how the comic version will end since that is still on-going.

My inner fan-girl always checks out the male lead. What I saw on the opening credits did not make an impression. In fact, I didn't think he was even remotely good-looking. He was stoney-faced and appeared to lack personality. I wondered how I was going to get through this drama if he didn't meet eye candy standards (LOL). But that all changed after episode 3. He smiles! OMG, the Crown Prince is hot! I mean HOT!!! Anyway, needless to say, he had my full attention after that.

I noticed the actor, Joo Ji Hoon, seemed to stoop a lot in his scenes. He's very tall according to Asian male height standards (6'1") and probably had to hunch-back to fit within the lens of the camera since all of the other fellow actors were much shorter than him. But the most important thing I noticed about him - a very, very important observation - he made those kiss scenes look really good. Smoldering (fanning myself). He didn't rise to stardom from this drama for nothing. I'm sure all the fan-girls swooned just the same. (Doesn't he have a great nose?) Hohohoho!

photo credit: lapampam

Overall, this was a great introduction for me into the K-drama world. I just can't commit to watching dramas these days. I don't have time! I'll be paying for my lack of sleep later this afternoon but it was worth watching this series to completion.

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