Tuesday, June 10, 2008


You see what happens when United screws you over? I stop blogging for over a month. Now that I have put our disasterous flight behind me, I can move onto more important things.

I recently stumbled upon a Website called MyAnimeList. Created by a guy after he began his anime addiction. This site allows you to create lists of all your anime. Animes you've watched, are currently watching, or plan on watching in the future. You can write reviews, look for recommendations, join clubs, and the best part is, you can log your manga too!

I haven't watched anime in quite some time. Most of the time, I watch the anime version of the mangas I've read just to do a comparison and see if they've stayed true to the manga version. Most of the time, in my humble, unbiased opinion, the manga version is better. I love how MyAnimeList also allows users to add unlicensed manga titles to the mix. God only knows how many hours I spent downloading and reading fan-scanlated mangas online (pre Seb).

I think what would make the site perfect is the ability to add J-Dramas. The content team shot that one down because the site is already large enough as is. When I find the time, I will start posting on the forums. It takes dedication and time to lurk on these boards of which I have none. It's hard enough to recall what I've read and list them let alone surf the boards. I need more time!

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