Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sapuri - Episode 8

Ah, so I'm more than halfway through this series. From the places I've poked around online, I would have to agree with the masses, Kame and Ito Misaki don't have much chemistry. The kiss in episode 6 was incredibly awkward. Kame looked like he was going to fall over. The best kisser I've seen so far in j-dramas would have to be Kimura Takuya. He's a pro kissing on screen - look at how many dramas he's done.

Kame was definitely at his cutest in this last episode. Young boy in love, he plays that emotion very well. However, all other emotions are...meh. I will finish this series out hoping that the ending won't be too crappy. I thought Kimi wa Petto ending was kind of weird. But that whole drama was weird. I wouldn't watch it again. Sapuri will be a one-time watch as well.

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