Monday, April 10, 2006


So I finally watched Brokeback Mountain on video this past weekend. I personally did not think that Heath Ledger gave an Oscar-worthy performance. I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was much more convincing than Heath, but JMHO.

The cinematography was really spectacular. Ang Lee sure knows how to make scenery beautiful. He could make a junkyard or dump ground look pretty. I have never seen so many healthy, wooly sheep look so good on camera.

The movie script kept true to the original short story with some additional characters thrown in for filler. Overall, I thought Ang Lee was very deserving of his Oscar as well as the screenplay writers. It definitely was not Movie of the Year. The media hyped it, A LOT. I agree that it's ground breaking but only the subject matter. As a whole movie with typical components, it was just ok.

Personally, I was more touched by the short story. That could be why I'm wasn't blown away by the movie. In the end, I felt the movie was too long. It could've been 30 minutes shorter.

Anyway, to sum it up: if you're curious, rent it.

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