Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So the new year is finally over (including Chinese New Year) and I am so bored. Ho hum. I have since grown tired of my Johnny boys. There's no new drama or anime to download. Even the news is boring. Maybe I'm just worn out from the holidays and have not recovered yet. Or maybe I'm tired from trying to make babies. Or maybe I'm bored because it's tax season and even though I need money I don't want to file my return because it's a pain in the arse!

Oy, that was tiring. I better continue typing this laying down. *sigh*

At least we are going away during V-day week for a much deserved break. Ch-ching, ch-ching. Too bad all my bad vices need to be kept in the bag. No smoking, no drinking, no caffeine, no chocolate, no undercooked foods (eggs & meats), no raw foods (fish/sashimi). Golly, all my favorite things and I can't have any of them. *double sigh*

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