Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gackt - God of Music

I don't think I have featured my beloved Gackt on my blog yet. Gackt is the biggest male J-Rock artist of Japan in recent years. He writes, arranges and produces his own music. He is very visible in the media - featured in many commercials and makes appearances regularly on variety shows. His name Camui Gackt means something to the effect of "God of Music." But his birth name (highly speculative) is Satoru Okabe.

He left his former band, Malice Mizer to go solo and debuted in 2000. I stumbled across him by pure accident while scrolling through some girl's website. She featured a "Gackt Special" and included five songs for downloading. I was smitten from the get-go and here I am today. He regularly appears in my dreams. Ho ho ho ho.

A photo from early Malice Mizer days. According to Gackt himself, these days (there was a variety show appearance he made where he introduced some of his favorites) he wears a cup for protection against rabid fangirls. This photo doesn't appear to have such a thing.

Here are some more recent looks he's sportin'.

I must say that his blue contacts really bug me. I just don't see why he has to hide his gorgeous peepers. I've only seen his eyes au naturelle through sunglasses and maybe some early Malice Mizer video footage and I'm not even 100% sure because the video was low res.

Besides his peculiarities, I find him fascinating. There are so many women (and I'm sure men) swooning over his good looks. Yeah, his music isn't bad either.

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