Monday, September 26, 2005

Arashi Musings...

Ok. So I've been a fan of Arashi for a few months now. I've come to a few conclusions. This of course is just my humble opinion. Feel free to disagree.

1. Ohno Satoshi or better known as "Leader" is probably gay.
2. Nino Kazunari is the least lovable of the bunch.
3. Aiba Masaki definitely has a duck-sounding voice.
4. Sakurai Sho seems to be the most mature member of the group.
5. Matsumoto Jun is still my favorite and considered by many the "coolest" member.

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Left to right: Sho, Nino, Aiba, Ohno and Matsujun

What does all of this tell you about the boys? Absolutely nothing. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. To each his own. Can you tell this entry was created for the sake of wasting space?

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