Thursday, March 17, 2005

Less Than A Month To Go....

So Hawaii is less than a month away. I'm getting very antsy. I think I have everything I need, just need to pack it. I am missing a beach tote and beach towels. Otherwise, I think I'm good to go. Three different types of sunblock, bug lotion, Solarcaine for potential sunburns. I anticipate getting burned and mosquito bitten.

My goal is to see if tanning is even possible. The last time I was out on the beach for long periods was back when I was eleven. I got the worst sunburn ever. No sunblock and on the beach for at least three to four hours beginning at high noon in Taiwan. Ouch! What's even dumber was that my uncle is a doctor and he didn't even think about sun protection when he took us to the beach. Nice huh.

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