Tuesday, February 22, 2005

WonderCon 2005

So WonderCon was interesting. My brother attemded all three days but he's a die-hard who's there for artist sketches and etc.

We saw a few adult film stars/models. There was one who had her breasts jacked up so high, they almost hit her chin. She was wearing this school-girl plaid skirt with her thong sticking out at the top. Upon closer inspection of her face, she looks way past her prime to be dressed up like that. Maybe in her 40's?

It was also quite fun to witness lonely men in their 50's mooning over every single word these gals had to say. One of these guys even gave one gal a gift, some sort of plexi-glass looking ring. I was also quite amazed at the fake boobs - how stiff and statue-like they are in real life. I wasn't about to waste any film on these girls (sorry Billy), not worth the effort.

Overall, I enjoyed myself. M found some old comic issues and we got to see porno babes.

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Master Chief said...

Glad you had fun! Next time bring your digital camera so you won't waste film. LOL