Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Be@rbrick Part 2

Double Punch, is a cute little toy shop located in North Beach. They have a great selection of urban toys and are not overpriced like KidRobot over in the Haight. After this weekend, my Bearbrick count is up to 11. I even stopped off at The Container Store to buy some display cases for them. I only keep the cute bears in the cases and the not-so-cute ones displayed on the dresser.

Today, won my first rare Bearbrick off of eBay. *Grin* Kill Bill bear, version 1 (the one on the left)

This bear was a promotional item for the opening of Kill Bill Vol. 1 in Japan. You can only get this figure if you bought an advanced ticket to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. Double Punch was selling this one for $50. I got it cheaper on eBay. There is also a second version of this bear with blood splatter on it's jumpsuit.

After my extensive research on these little bears, I have decided to only collect the ones I really like. There are far too many bears and I just don't have mad money to blow on these guys. I have been visiting forums and found a lot of serious collectors posting photos of their extensive toy collection. Most appear to be single, spend all their money on toys, fill their rooms will shelves upon shelves of these bears along with other highly collectible urban toys. One hopes that these people never get robbed because it would be so sad if any of these expensive toys were to fall into unwanted hands.

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