Thursday, June 24, 2004

Pepper's Got The Flu

I noticed the smell of burnt oil when I got home yesterday. I opened the hood of my car and noticed oil had splattered all over. It was also leaking underneath. I called Mike, my mom's mechanic friend who just last weekend finished doing a major tune up on my car including changing out the timing belt. Looks like he forgot to either screw something back or as a result of his tinkering, disturbed something. Of course, he won't be back in SF until this weekend and can't get to my car until Monday morning. So, I am driving my brother's car for the next few days. His Camry is a bit scary. It makes strange clunking and rattling noises at low speeds. I was quite worried during my 50 minute drive to work this morning. I might have to start a tabernacle on his dashboard to feel some sense of security from entities in the heavens. Maybe I can ask my mother-in-law for a copy of her driving prayer. :^_^:

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